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Heavy Rescue2 weeks ago

ALBERTA Advanced Heavy Rescue Symposium

Sept 22-23, 2017 Advanced Heavy Rescue Symposium at the CFD Training Academy registration forms ready to be sent out, email...

Rescue Rigs2 weeks ago

Calgary, AB Fire Department Heavy Rescue

Calgary Heavy Rescue Calgary’s new six-unit lineup features the department’s tried-and-true heavy rescue design. Each rescue is built on a...

Vehicle Stabilization3 weeks ago

Strut Multiplier

Great information on how struts are a system and are affected by forces.

Rescue Rigs4 weeks ago

Sherman, TX Heavy Rescue Truck

Here's another innovative SVI Truck built in the Centennial State headed to the Lone Star State.

Rescue News & Incidents4 weeks ago

Man Lift Rescue

This is another type of outside the box rescue call that could happen anywhere.  Man lifts are often used in...

Vehicle Stabilization4 weeks ago

Clean Side vs Dirty Side

Here’s an example of why I love Facebook for the fire service. Someone shares a picture of a training or...

Trench Rescue2 months ago

Trench Rescue Technician

Howell, Michigan is ground zero for trench rescue.

Water Rescue2 months ago

Drone PFD Deployment

Drone's are useful in many different disciplines in the fire service.

Machine Rescue2 months ago

Man vs. Machine Rescue Awareness

Machine rescue runs have new boundaries and every firefighter needs to understand many different techniques.

Trench Rescue2 months ago

Trench Tuesday: The Paratech Strut

Strut quick tips!

Training2 months ago

Technical Rescue (Trench) – Tustin Sports Park

Trench Rescue Here is an interesting look from several different views of a successful trench rescue back in April of...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Savanah, GA Fire Department Heavy Rescue

New looking SVI Heavy Rescue!