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School Bus3 weeks ago

School Bus Lift

A picture is worth a thousand words....

Rescue Rigs3 weeks ago

Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company Heavy Rescue

Nice KME Walk Thru Heavy Rescue

Water Rescue3 weeks ago

Water Rescue-Throw Bags

A rope throw bag is a very useful, inexpensive piece of rescue equipment....

Vehicle Rescue4 weeks ago

Tesla Model X Mountain View, California Crash

Telsa Model X Crash Take a look at the pictures and video below from a crash on the highway involving...

Trench Rescue4 weeks ago

Clydesdale Horse Rescue

Large Animal Rescue Large animal rescues are another call that could happen almost anywhere.  Large animals are transported on the...

Trench Rescue1 month ago

Trench Training in Germany

Heavy Rescue Germany One Facebook page you should follow is Heavy Rescue Germany   Not only does their page provide great training...

Training2 months ago

‘Reading’ the Seatbelt Pretensioner

Vehicle rescue instructors should remind participants in your training classes, especially if they are EMS-oriented responders, about how they can...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Kearney Fire Department Heavy Rescue 1

Rescue Department Name Here This SVI Heavy Rescue truck was custom built for Kearney Fire Department in Nebraska. It was...

Shoring2 months ago

Tractor Trailer in a house with occupants trapped

Tractor Trailer vs House Below are a few pictures and the description of an incident that involved a tractor trailer...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Washington Township/Buck Creek Rescue 906

The Washington Township/Buck Creek Volunteer Fire Department Rescue 906 was built by Alexis Fire Equipment out of Alexis, Illinois.  The 18 foot custom...

Rope Rescue3 months ago

200 Feet Down Rope Rescue

West Metro Fire Rescue Training & Event Center posted a unique and very successful tech rescue on their Facebook page....

Rescue Rigs3 months ago

St. Louis Fire Department Walk-in Heavy Rescue

St. Louis, MO Fire Department Walk-in Heavy Rescue 1 The St. Louis Fire Department had a pair of Walk-in Heavy...

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