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Shoring2 months ago

Pinned by roof trusses while on scaffolding

Outside the box calls can happen anywhere at anytime. Here is a call that Moneta Fire Department responded to that...

Heavy Rescue2 months ago

VA Spring Rescue Week

I ran across some great pictures on the Big Vehicle Rescue Facebook Page from a training course. The 2019 Virginia...

PowerPoints2 months ago

Northern Ohio FOOLS 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101

The Northern Ohio FOOLS hosted their 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101 this last weekend. This free event was full just...

Training2 months ago

Fire Service Collaboration with Towing & Recovery Operations

The Responder Safety Learning Network has developed free online courses to help rescuers stay safe on the roadway while operating...

Vehicle Extrication2 months ago

Power Pole Stabilization

Here is a look at a unique extrication and stabilization that took place in Seattle, Washington.

Rescue Rigs3 months ago

Queenstown VFD Heavy Rescue Squad-3

Here's a well organized heavy rescue.

Rescue Rigs3 months ago

Cannon Falls Fire Department Heavy Rescue

Cannon Falls Fire Department Heavy Rescue Spartan MetroStar Chassis, Stainless Steel Body and Subframe, Roll-Up Compartment Doors, Adjustable Compartment Shelving,...

Rescue Rigs4 months ago

Philadelphia Walk-In Heavy Rescue

Heavy Rescue Philadelphia Fire Department has a new Rescue 1. This technical rescue truck features an SVI-built 24-foot stainless-steel walk-in...

Rescue Products4 months ago

Large Animal Rescue – Norway

The video below was posted on the Nedre Romerike brann- og redningsvesen IKS Facebook page and I ran across it after...

Rescue Rigs5 months ago

Franklin, TN Heavy Rescue

Here's another great looking heavy rescue out of Colorado.

Rescue Products5 months ago

Strut Apparatus Mounting (Part 2)

Here's a look at another company that makes plastic strut mounts.

Rescue Rigs6 months ago

Delta, BC Fire Department Heavy Rescue

Heavy Rescue Delta, BC Fire Department’s SVI-built Tandem Heavy Rescue features a strong 24-foot aluminum body, mounted on a Spartan...

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