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Paratech Shoring Paratech Shoring
Shoring1 month ago

Vehicle into a Building (Shoring)

Social Media is a great method to show the public we serve the diverse nature of the skills today's firefighter...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Winnipeg Fire Water Rescue Truck

The Winnipeg Fire Department added two new water rescue units to their fleet. The new water rescue trucks will help...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Lexington Fire Department Rescue 1

Checkout the pictures of the new Rescue 1 for the Lexington Fire Department in Kentucky. This rescue is a walk-in rescue...

Heavy Rescue Truck Paratech Struts Heavy Rescue Truck Paratech Struts
Rescue Rigs3 months ago

Rosenhayn Fire Department Heavy Rescue

The Rosenhayn Fire Department’s new Heavy Rescue that SVI built is a Spartan Gladiator Chassis powered by a Cummins ISL 450 HP...

School Bus4 months ago

School Bus Auxiliary Heaters

Rescuers often remove the side windows of a school bus and cut from the bottom of the window to the...

Rescue Rigs4 months ago

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Heavy Duty Technical Rescue Rig

SVI Heavy Duty Technical Rescue squad on a Smeal Sirius Chassis -- check out all the specs.

Rescue Rigs5 months ago

Duluth Heavy Rescue 1

Duluth Heavy Rescue 1 One rescue that stood out at FDIC 2017 was Duluth Fire Department’s Heavy Rescue 1.  The...

Rescue Rigs6 months ago

Andalusia Heavy Rescue

The World's Largest Firefighter Training Conference and Exhibition, FDIC International (Fire Department Instructors Conference), is where apparatus manufacturers bring their best to show...

Quick Tips6 months ago

TECH TIP: Shorten the Strap

Often on side resting vehicles, once a strut is placed the fixed end of the ratchet strap is too long...

Heavy Rescue7 months ago

Garbage Truck Weight; Wet and Dry

Have you considered how the weather can affect a vehicle extrication? Consider this, often, garbage is set outside homes the...

Carrollton bus collision Carrollton bus collision
School Bus7 months ago

Carrollton Bus Collision

I never fully appreciated the changes that were made to school buses after the Carrollton bus collision until my kids...

Training8 months ago

No Laminated Side Glass in a 2017 Vehicle?

I was sent a message from a firefighter the other night asking about a 2017 vehicle that he found did...

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