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Heavy Rescue1 month ago

Fort Worth, TX Fire Department Heavy Rescue 38

Another awesome SVI Truck headed to the Lone Star State!

Rescue Rigs1 month ago

Violet Township Fire Department Heavy Rescue

Heavy Rescue Checkout the video below of the Non-Walk-In Violet Township Heavy Rescue. Basic Rig Information: Department Name – Violet...

School Bus1 month ago

HydroFusion Ram

HydraFusion Struts used as ram for a dash roll?

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Strut Storage

Looking for some great information on compartment layouts for strut storage?

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Forks Township Rescue 2541

Take a look at Forks Township Fire Department's Rescue 254. While the rescue has a pump and a booster tank,...

Vehicle Stabilization2 months ago

Lifting and Capturing the Suspension

 Lifting and Capturing the Suspension Capturing the suspension “Capturing the Crash” One of the most beneficial and under-used techniques is suspension...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Washington (PA) Fire Hose Co2 Rescue 27

Here’s Washington Fire Hose Co2 Rescue 27 out of Pennsylvania.

Trench Awareness2 months ago

Switzerland Trench Rescue

Our friends from Heavy Rescue Germany are spending two days in Switzerland providing training to deal with civil engineering accidents. 

School Bus2 months ago

School Bus Construction

Here's a great look School Bus Construction.

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Strut Apparatus Mounting

Great ideas for mounting struts on your apparatus.

Rope Rescue3 months ago

Knot Tying Guides

Here's a great knot refresher!

Rope Rescue3 months ago

Hunter/Tree Climber Rescue

Hunting season is right around the corner in most parts of the United States. Have you trained on rescuing a...

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