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Quick Tips2 weeks ago

A different spin on Cracking the Egg

Cracking the Egg has its' share of fans and critics.  Just remember training provides us with memory markers that we

Training3 weeks ago

Taipei Taiwan Training

Here's a look at some in service training in Taipei Taiwan of their new Paratech equipment.

Vehicle Rescue3 weeks ago

Stafford Vehicle Rescue Technician Course 2019

Stafford Vehicle Rescue Technician Course 2019 Checkout the pictures from the Vehicle Rescue Technician class in Stafford and Quantico. This...

Rescue Rigs4 weeks ago

Roswell GA Heavy Rescue Sutphen SVI-Trucks

This apparatus comes equipped with a Command Light Knight 2 series light tower, Carefree Mirage Lateral Arm Patio Awning, Resolve...

Rescue Rigs2 months ago

Fort Morgan 4×4 Heavy Rescue

Fort Morgan’s new Heavy Rescue is replacing its 20-year-old SVI-built truck with this new Heavy Rescue. The new rig features...

Techniques3 months ago

Blue Collar Training Network

Great content and cutting edge training scenarios!

Rescue Rigs3 months ago

Washington Township Fire Department Heavy Rescue

Custom built for Washington Township Fire Department — Sewel, NJ Truck Type : Rescue & Command Cab Type : Custom Cab Deployed : April, 2019...

Rescue Rigs3 months ago

Old Mystic Fire District Heavy Rescue 67

Take a look at the Old Mystic Fire Department Heavy Rescue.

Heavy Rescue4 months ago

Potomac Heights Seagrave Attacker Heavy Rescue Squad

Heavy Rescue The Potomac Heights Volunteer Fire Department is excited to announce the delivery of our brand new Seagrave Attacker...

Shoring5 months ago

Pinned by roof trusses while on scaffolding

Outside the box calls can happen anywhere at anytime. Here is a call that Moneta Fire Department responded to that...

Heavy Rescue5 months ago

VA Spring Rescue Week

I ran across some great pictures on the Big Vehicle Rescue Facebook Page from a training course. The 2019 Virginia...

PowerPoints5 months ago

Northern Ohio FOOLS 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101

The Northern Ohio FOOLS hosted their 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101 this last weekend. This free event was full just...

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