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Technical Rescue (Trench) – Tustin Sports Park



Trench Rescue

Here is an interesting look from several different views of a successful trench rescue back in April of 2016. The rescue took place by Orange County’s Fire Authority in Tustin, California.  Below are several videos of the rescue.  The lessons learned video provides a great resource for every fire department regardless if your department can handle a trench recuse or you rely regional or county tech recuse team.

The first video is from a Youtuber GregFromTheOC.  The first 30 seconds of the video provides a brief description of the incident. The first six minutes is audio only of radio traffic with dead airtime removed. The Stokes basket is lowered at the 18 minute mark and is back with the victim at the surface at the video’s 20 minute mark.


News video

Lessons Learned

Battalion 3 Chief Jeff Hoey reviews the lessons learns and presents scenarios based on this complicated trench rescue.


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Blue Collar Training Network

Great content and cutting edge training scenarios!



Blue Collar Training Network

If you are not following the Blue Collar Training Network on Facebook you are missing out on great content and cutting edge training scenarios.   Take a look at the post below and other pictures that one of their instructors, Andrew Hale, posted on Facebook.  Here’s another method to capture the suspension of a vehicle involved in an under-ride crash.


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Heavy Rescue

VA Spring Rescue Week



I ran across some great pictures on the Big Vehicle Rescue Facebook Page from a training course. The 2019 Virginia Department of Fire Programs Spring Rescue Week was held at the VA Public Safety Training Center. Below are pictures from the vehicle rescue technician class. Thanks again to
John Burruss for allowing us to use his pictures. Make sure you follow his page!

Stabilization, Lifting, and Vehicle Relocation

The bus was captured with struts for stabilization. The black guard rails on school buses are strong points for struts tips for stabilization and lifting.

The bus was rolled off the car with two griphoists anchored to the duals on a semi-tractor while the Paratech gold struts chased the movement automatically with air extended the struts.

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Northern Ohio FOOLS 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101

The Northern Ohio FOOLS hosted their 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101 this last weekend. This free event was full just 2-hours after the tickets were released online.



Northern Ohio FOOLS

The Northern Ohio FOOLS hosted their 14th annual Heavy Rescue 101 this last weekend. This free event was full just 2-hours after the tickets were released online. Volunteers, tool vendors, sponsors, and of course the students started to converge on the Huron County Fair grounds Friday evening for 3 presentations in a classroom setting.

Saturday morning the HOT part of this course started and students selected two different course tracks, basic or advanced. The basic class covered standard techniques common taught and used by rescuers around the world.

The advanced track was broken up into 5 different pits that covered side impacts, alternative methods, inverted vehicles, limited access crashes, and incidents involing a commerical truck.

Side Impacts

Alternative methods

The alternative methods station does not give hydraulic or electric cutters, spreaders, rams as tool options. It makes people think and use many tools that the vast majority of today’s firefighters are not familiar with operating. It shows that extrication work can be done without cutters and spreaders. It also demonstrates options that can be used in conjunction with extrication tools during complex extrications or limited extrication tool availability.

The pictures below is the “Batwing” at taught by by Steve Johnson, Mikey Torres, and Ron Whitaker

Inverted Vehicles (Cracking the egg)

Limited Access

The Alternative methods and Limited Access Pits were taught from a great group of brothers from First In-Last Out Fire Equipment & Training LLC.

Incidents involving a commercial trucks

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